Mar. 9th, 2009

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* Figment ( has joined #dw
<Sophie> figment, twitter
<Figment> Last @dreamwidth tweet, at Mon Mar 09 03:23:08 +0000 2009: Slicehost seems to be having network trouble again tonight. Will update if it does not resolve shortly.
<Sophie> \o/
<xb95> Oh man. That makes me want to go update it with something about angry monkeys.. but that's an LJ thing. :(
<xb95> I think we need something of our own!
<foxfirefey> Ninja hamsters?
<foxfirefey> MANTIS SHRIMPS
<phoenix> octopuses!
<denny> narwhals :)
<kat_fw> Giant isopods!
<denny> xb95: velociraptors
<foxfirefey> Hahaha
<foxfirefey> Velociraptors are crafty!
<xb95> hahahhaa
<denny> we could ask the xkcd guy to draw a 404 comic for you :)
<V_PauAmma_V> Shoggoths!
<xb95> oh man, *want* xkcd 404
<denny> velociraptors
<denny> you know he'd do it :)
<xb95> okay I'm heading out of the office now, back online when I get home in ~an hour
<kat_fw> actually, no, I want "there are nine million bikesheds in DW, and we've just been flattened by one"
<owl> dw so should have custom 404s
<kat_fw> user-submitted 404s
<denny> haha
<denny> 404 of the month
<phoenix> haha. screened, plz
* Maura ( has joined #dw
<isabeau> "404s? In MY dw?"
<denny> "I accidentally your page"
* kat_fw 's brain has gone straight to lolcat
<kat_fw> "I made you a page, but I eated it"
<denny> a grue :)
<denny> 404: the lights have gone out. Careful, you might get eaten by a grue.
<isabeau> "Invisible Content"
<denny> isabeau++
<kat_fw> jesus christ it's a 404, get in the car!
<denny> We can't stop here... this is 404 country!
* foxfirefey starts making a wiki page
<owl> ftw
* kat_fw approves
* denny laughs
<denny> I have a better idea
<denny> can I make a community?
<denny> or do I need l33t powerz for that?
<owl> test it!
<JProulx> yo dawg I heard you like 404s so we put a 404 in your 404 so you can 404 while you 404
<kat_fw> ahahahahaha
<denny> rahaeli / xb95: dear admins i have been a good boy for xmas this year i wud like a communitee plskthx
<denny> ps mebbe early
<kat_fw> 404: where is your page now?
<owl> not found page is not found
<owl> aother lolcat one
<denny> go go go :)
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Look at the number of messages in my Inbox:

A screenshot of the 404 community profile page. At the top, where the sitescheme's links are, it can be seen that there are 404 messages in my inbox.

I swear, that wasn't deliberate at all.


404: File Not Found

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