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We've been sending Santa Claus to deliver pages for us. He's good at it. Fast and efficient. And it keeps him in shape for the Big Night.

Normally, he'd go down your browser's chimney, return code hohoho, deliver the page, maybe take a cookie, go back up the chimney, return code ohohoh, and go get the next page to deliver.

This time, it seems he tripped. He fell down headfirst and got stuck halfway down, returning code 404.

Don't worry. He's fine. By the time you read this, our crack Electronic Legend Vertical Extraction Squad will have gotten him out.
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While browsing the support board I noticed that on the page where you "Post a comment or solution" [http://www.dreamwidth.org/support/see_request.bml?id=##] the link to the "Support Guide" posted in the red Important Notes sections is linking to a non-existing page.

(also left this as a comment over here)
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All your page are belong to 404. (also: Somebody set up us the 404.)
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Look at the number of messages in my Inbox:

A screenshot of the 404 community profile page. At the top, where the sitescheme's links are, it can be seen that there are 404 messages in my inbox.

I swear, that wasn't deliberate at all.
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* Figment (figment@neo.theblob.org) has joined #dw
<Sophie> figment, twitter
<Figment> Last @dreamwidth tweet, at Mon Mar 09 03:23:08 +0000 2009: Slicehost seems to be having network trouble again tonight. Will update if it does not resolve shortly.
<Sophie> \o/
<xb95> Oh man. That makes me want to go update it with something about angry monkeys.. but that's an LJ thing. :(
<xb95> I think we need something of our own!
<foxfirefey> Ninja hamsters?
<foxfirefey> MANTIS SHRIMPS
<phoenix> octopuses!
<denny> narwhals :)
<kat_fw> Giant isopods!
<denny> xb95: velociraptors
<foxfirefey> Hahaha
<foxfirefey> Velociraptors are crafty!
<xb95> hahahhaa
<denny> we could ask the xkcd guy to draw a 404 comic for you :)
<V_PauAmma_V> Shoggoths!
<xb95> oh man, *want* xkcd 404
<denny> velociraptors
<denny> you know he'd do it :)
<xb95> okay I'm heading out of the office now, back online when I get home in ~an hour
<kat_fw> actually, no, I want "there are nine million bikesheds in DW, and we've just been flattened by one"
<owl> dw so should have custom 404s
<kat_fw> user-submitted 404s
<denny> haha
<denny> 404 of the month
<phoenix> haha. screened, plz
* Maura (unread1919@adsl-76-221-218-242.dsl.wlfrct.sbcglobal.net) has joined #dw
<isabeau> "404s? In MY dw?"
<denny> "I accidentally your page"
* kat_fw 's brain has gone straight to lolcat
<kat_fw> "I made you a page, but I eated it"
<denny> a grue :)
<denny> 404: the lights have gone out. Careful, you might get eaten by a grue.
<isabeau> "Invisible Content"
<denny> isabeau++
<kat_fw> jesus christ it's a 404, get in the car!
<denny> We can't stop here... this is 404 country!
* foxfirefey starts making a wiki page
<owl> ftw
* kat_fw approves
* denny laughs
<denny> I have a better idea
<denny> can I make a community?
<denny> or do I need l33t powerz for that?
<owl> test it!
<JProulx> yo dawg I heard you like 404s so we put a 404 in your 404 so you can 404 while you 404
<kat_fw> ahahahahaha
<denny> rahaeli / xb95: dear admins i have been a good boy for xmas this year i wud like a communitee plskthx
<denny> ps mebbe early
<kat_fw> 404: where is your page now?
<owl> not found page is not found
<owl> aother lolcat one
<foxfirefey> http://wiki.dwscoalition.org/notes/Meme_404s
<denny> http://404.dreamwidth.org/profile
<denny> go go go :)


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